Where the name "mutant" comes from: the agents can be remotely upgraded (i.e. they can 'mutate').

After the initial install, which has to be done on each device, you can upgrade agents remotely.

Browse on the source agent, the network, and click on the agent TO upgrade. Click on the "UpgradeTo" button. The local agent will send to the remote everything in its $MUTANT/upgrade folder, where normally a full copy of the agent and plugins would be.

In development, you can get a new version by running the $MUTANT/mprepare.sh or %MUTANT%/mprepare.cmd - what this does is create a full mutant image in the MUTANT/upgrade folder, including libs and plugins. This can then be upgraded remotely to another agent.

To download a new version, download a newer razmutant.zip file and have exploded it in that upgrade folder. Replace your configuration files (agent.xml at least) and upgrade all the remotes.

After upgrading all the remotes in your home, you can restart the source, which will upgrade itself automatically.

… that's the theory anyways :)


takes a while

right now i send over everything, even if just one xml file changed - TODO diff

The upgrade folder is empty all the time

every time you kill the local mutant, it will empty the upgrade folder by upgrading itself…upgrade first the remotes then restart the local one.

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