Distributed Favorites

Don't you hate it when you find a link, put it in your favorites at work and you don't have it at home when you actually decide/need to use it? The solution: continuously replicated links database.

Basic use case:

1. You're at work and stumble onto an interesting link, to study later. You save it in your laptop's local links database.
2. It automatically gets replicated on your laptop, which is the same network as your work desktop at the time
3. since your home cloud is online via a proxy agent, the link is automatically replicated at home, on your home desktop (the cloud's gateway) and all the computers in the house, including the one in the livingroom.
4. There's nothing left to do but, when you get home, sit down and enjoy it on the big screen!

3. if you were offline, once home, your laptop will connect to the home cloud and the link will automatically be replicated on all the agents in the home.

I found this useful with youtube links for instance. You save them when you find them but will watch the vids on the big tube, once home.

Try it

There currently is a prototype of this available in the agent.

Make sure you download, install and start the agent on a few computers in the house.

1. This is where you can capture links: http://localhost:4444/mutant/capture.html
2. After capturing, go to another computer in your home cloud and see the links at: http://localhost:4444/mutant/asset/Link



After you watch it (or read it) you may want to share with the "friends" cloud.

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