This is a project to build out the "home" cloud - your personal cloud of devices, objects, movies, computers, laptops, switches and cofee makers that you have in your home. You want them to be aware and to cooperate. You want to be able to easily tell them what to do. Easy-peasy: get everything and their friends a REST url and … well, that's that!

So, what this is:

  • a set of agents that run on all devices in the home (or elsewhere) - each is basically a simple web server and bridge to whatever "assets" are on that device
    • extensible, so you can easily add whatever functionality, via simple scripting or coding
    • they communicate with each-other, so you can control their functions from anywhere.
    • they keep track of the cloud status: who's up, who's down, who's remote etc
    • you can remotely update/upgrade them (after initial install)
  • distributed asset management framework: you can describe and define "assets" (objects) that reside anywhere (i.e. movies and media players)
    • you control assets from anywhere
    • you can apply logic on assets and their associations (since you have access to their descriptions) a la "the semantic web"

If you can spell "naked objects", you got it - this is me having fun with the concept…and elaborating on it a little bit.


Clouds, Agents, Assets, Services, Plugins

HttpServer, LightSoa, Logging, MediaJukebox, Players

Issues, FAQ

Installing, Upgrading

Configuration: agent.xml, media.xml, user.xml

Shopping List

More links

http://blog.homecloud.ca - the blog
http://github/razie CODE: most of the code is here
http://feeds.razie.com/homecloud - the main feed

Use cases

  • UC1 watch movie with remote
  • UC2 like/download/watch at home
  • UC3 save a favorite link and use it at home


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